Nestled in London’s Mayfair sits one of the U.K.’s (or perhaps, it’s not an unfair statement to say the world’s) most celebrated fine-dining restaurants, serving up light and fresh Indian flavours with sophisticated twist. The Tamarind first opened its doors in 1995 and within six years, became the first Indian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. Guests have complimented the extensive wine list, tranquil floral setting and the sheen and polish of contemporary cuisine; all of which have undergone something of a make-over the last 8 months whilst the Tamarind underwent a re-build.

The former Head Chef, Peter Joseph, certainly put Tamarind on the radar and set the bar extraordinarily high, but now duo Head Chefs, Khanna and Tuli, both of whom themselves come from Michelin star restaurants, are making waves with their twist on regional Indian cooking.

Their new menu has kept some of the traditional, time-honoured dishes, of course with a exciting twist or two, and they’ve also welcomed some new creations including tandoori quail with caramelised gooseberry, a spicy prawn balchao with a chilli marinade and pistachio-crusted grilled lambchops. For the more adventurous among us, there’s also masala tossed lamb brain on the menu, a Kashmirian delicacy.

At the heart of their service lies a dedication to preserving and celebrating regional diversification in cooking methods, which can be seen from the all-new open kitchen on the lower floor.

The space is lighter and airier than it’s ever been – much like the menu – the difference being, it can now cater for 152 covers. An increase in capacity is not always a good thing for many restaurants, but for an outstanding venue like Tamarind, the extra seats can only create an even bubblier atmosphere and a greater aroma of spices and wine, which let’s face it, is always better enjoyed in company. We think this new-and-improved Michelin-rated restaurant is a terrific choice of venue to treat your staff to a high-end dining experience that is bound to leave a mark. Nothing says gratitude quite like sharing dishes at one of the highest-rated Indian restaurants in London.

Tamarind can also cater for groups of eight or more with a specially prepared menu covering a range of dishes from a number of regions, offering the full culinary experience. Hosting a business lunch is effortless after the rebuild; if you pop by on an idle Thursday afternoon, you’ll see groups of London professionals sharing dishes over stacks of reports, paperwork and laptops in one of the Tamarind’s spacious booths.

There is also an option to really impress with a private dining experience for up to 12 guests which we think, given its Mayfair location, Michelin star rating and unique ambience, would make an excellent incentive for your top performing teams or serve as a simple act of recognition for great work. The service is attentive, atmosphere calming and discreet, and of course, the food is a talking point in itself, so in all, a really wonderful opportunity to bond over first-class cuisine.

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