Meetings Management

Making sure your meetings deliver the best possible ROI

Let’s just come out and say it; managing offsite meetings can be a pain. Researching suitable venues takes time, and once you’ve got in touch you have to run through the same questions over and over again. And in the end, you may end up using the same 2 or 3 venues over and over again. Negotiating added values or extras and ensuring you get the best rates with each booking is time consuming and, even then, you may be nervous that the venue will get the all important details right on the day.

The Zen Approach

Zen will set up a Meetings Management Programme to help with the all of the above while saving you time and money! We’ll contact your preferred venues to negotiate discounted rates, ensure you have the correct layout, A/V, catering and other “regular” requirements without having to check each time. We’ll also ensure you have guaranteed extras and benefits, negotiate flexible cancellation policies and draft your Meetings Management Policy.

If need be, we can provide you and your team with a branded meetings request webpage, allowing you to log in, have a list of your preferred venues, and send us your meeting requests quickly and easily. We’ll  even provide you with regular reports on venues booked, cost savings, added value so you can see where you’re saving money (and time).

Put simply, we’ll make you look super efficient!

Managing meeting's doesn't have to be a drag

We’ll take care of the whole process from end-to-end but let you take the credit!