Group Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation for your groups needs

Picture the scene: you have 300 guests, all checking in and out on different days. Your VIPs have different room types from other guests. In fact, some of your guests are staying in different accommodation on the other side of town. You need to make sure that you get the right people to check in at the right place… and then bring them all together as and when needed. Plus, don’t forget you’ve been given a strict budget and need to keep a very close track of spend. Where do you start? 

A logistical nightmare? Not when you’ve got Zen on your side.

The Zen Approach

Let Zen take the strain by negotiating group accommodation contracts, getting you the best rates available, free upgrades and extras, managing guest arrivals and departures, room drops and gifts, managing billbacks, reconciling final invoices and presenting you with a final breakdown of where you’ve saved money by using us.

We’ll remove all the hassle and turn that logistical nightmare into a blissful dream, so you don’t lose a moment’s sleep over it.

Group overnight stay's making you lose sleep?

Don’t let organising Group Accommodation give you insomnia. Give us the nod, and we’ll help you nod off easier at night.