We believe that the best team-building days are the experiences that bring you together as people, not just co-workers. That’s why we put a lot of thought into creating memorable moments that not only inspire creative thinking and collaboration but ignite a spark of passion that has a lasting impacting on company culture.

Speaking from experience, team-building days should be three things: transformative, motivational and inspiring. Here at Zen, we think you need more than a few icebreaker games in the boardroom on a Friday afternoon to achieve that. We want our clients to take part in activities that demonstrate their skills in responsibility, initiative and leadership; attributes that have significant purpose back in the office, inspiring others and creating purpose for the ‘bigger picture’.

One of our favourite experiences that encompasses all of the above is a ‘Live Television Day’, hosted by our friends over at TV Experience Ltd. It’s a day dedicated to working together under pressure to bring a ‘live’ television show to the big screen, allocating employees different studio roles like ‘Director’, ‘Presenter’, and ‘TV Guest’ to ensure full coverage of all the necessary components. Everyone has a practical role to play in this exercise, whether you’re in Production, Technical or Talent teams, so it really is teamwork at its best. Not only does this sound really, really different compared to your average team-building exercise but conceptually, we believe it makes a lot of good business sense, too.

Think about it – creating any form of media from television to a quick YouTube clip requires the ability to visualise a concept and develop new ideas on how to deliver it in the most efficient, digestible and effective way possible. We think that’s an essential skill everyone in business from across all industries should perfect as a team, making this a fun, creative and inspiring exercise.

Here are 5 core skills you can take back to the office with you after a Live Television exercise:

  1. Leadership and Management: directing teams, showing initiative and confidence
  2. Communication: in a simulated environment like a TV studio where the pressure is purposely applied, employees learn to communicate with efficiency, keep calm and rely on one another for key information
  3. Creativity: design intentions and plan them thoroughly all the way through to delivery
  4. Pressure: seamless teamwork whilst the clock ticks, the red light is on and the deadline approaches
  5. Confidence: boost everyone’s self-belief in the role they play within the wider company, understanding its importance and creating a sense of collective responsibility

This experience is best suited for teams of between 20-40 to ensure everyone has a great role to play in this unique team-building exercise. If you’re interested in getting your staff together for an unforgettable day of live television production, then give one of the Zen team a call on 01895 450734 or you can email us at hello@findzen.com.