Zen’s Jack recently visited IMEX 2019 in Frankfurt. IMEX is one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to the meetings and events industry with over 3,500 delegates in attendance.

It was a great conference and Jack visited a number of great educational sessions and brought back what he learnt from them to share with the team…

Sustainability on trial: whose responsibility is it?
This session focussed on sustainability in the events industry, and whether the responsibility to make events as sustainable as possible falls with the client/agency or the destination/venue. Ultimately, the session concluded by saying that responsibility falls with both sides to work collaboratively as well as mentioning that individual behaviours are required to change in order to make a bigger impact in the events industry.

Creating live experiences: the future role of destinations
This topic talked about the future of the live events industry, the shifting focus towards the use of digital technologies to engage clients and how ever-changing trends in the industry are forcing agencies to always stay one step ahead.

Living a life with purpose: how to put the roar into your career
By far my favourite session, this topic explored what it means to live life with conscious intention, enthusiasm and choice. Delegates were asked to discuss whether they felt they had a purpose in life, and if not what can they do in order to shape one?