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Meetings and events without the stress

Managing corporate events, group travel and offsite meetings is not easy when its just part of your day job. There’s always a lot to consider, multiple deadlines to juggle and often strict budgets to adhere to. And for those charged with “making it happen” it can become a logistical nightmare, especially when you consider that it might be just one piece of an already packed puzzle of priorities. 

Luckily, that’s where we come in.

Relax, you’re in safe hands

As a part of the Reed & Mackay Group, Zen has access to the very best rates based on incredible combined buying power and industry connections. 

Unlike most other Meetings and Events companies, we’re also fully-licenced and bonded by IATA and ATOL, so you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that we can handle any request in-house.

We’ll help you

find your Zen

Ready to find your Zen?

Whatever your meeting or event need might be, we’d be happy to help you. We’ll help remove the stress and save you time & money.